Friday, May 8, 2009

** Tape aloeil Collections For Girl **

For Girls !!!

Sleeveless - White with Purple Love[at the bottom left]
Code: TG001
Size: 2Y ( Lebar Bahu:26cm Labuh P:33)-ukuran labuh dari tali -SOLD
Size: 4Y (Lebar Bahu:29cm Labuh:36cm)
Size: 8Y (Lebar Bahu:33cm Labuh:44cm)
Price: RM15

Sleeveless - Red
Code: TG002
Size: 6Y (Lebar Bahu:24cm Labuh:43cm)
Price: RM15

Sleeveless - Dark Pink
Code: TG003
Size: 2Y (Lebar Bahu: 32cm Labuh:30cm) -SOLD
Size: 3Y (Lebar Bahu: 32cm Labuh:33cm)
Size: 5Y (Lebar Bahu:36cm Labuh:35cm) - SOLD TO SYAFFIYA
Size: 8Y (Lebar Bahu:42cm Labuh:35cm)
Size: 12Y (Lebar Bahu:42cm Labuh:47cm)
Price: RM15

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