Thursday, May 14, 2009

** New Born Romper **

Hi mummy n daddy!

Littlestarcollections offer u Pumpkin Patch romper for ur new born baby....

Brand: Pumpkin Patch
Color: Light Blue (with picture)
Code: NB001
Price: RM17

Brand: Pumpkin Patch
Color: Plain Light Blue with Elephant picture
Code: NB002
Price: RM17

Brand: Pumpkin Patch
Color: White with blue stripe blue
Code: NB003
Price: RM17

Littlestarcollections also offer SET of 3 rompers for


Rita Razif said...

hye mama zahra.. kt cni eita bleh leave comment.. huhu.. xprasan ader pumpkin patch romper kt cni.. hr tu punyer laa eita dok cr.. tp dh beli lorr.. rugiey2!

btw, eppy tgk kwn2 wat mcm2 bisnes.. chaiyok2! huhu

Mama & Papa's Zahra said...

hi eita, tenkiu :)
n tenkiu sudi tgglkn jejak kt cni...
jual tuk suka2 jek...