Monday, February 15, 2010

Old Navy Pyjamas

Hello everyone!!!


Selamat Tahun Baru Cina kepada semua yang berbangsa Tiong Hwa dan yang menyambutnya.

kita kan 1 Malaysia...rasanya, semua sambut, betul tak???
camna, ada jemputan rumah terbuka CNY?
dapat tak ang pow???heee :D

How are you?

We hope everyone is doing fine and we're at littlestarcollections is getting better more flu and cough, Alhamdulillah.

Ok, lets go for the updates...
OLD NAVY Pyjamas for your toddler!!!

Brand: Old Navy
Size: 2T (fit to 2Y-3Y toddler)
Code: PyjamaON01
Price : RM28 SOLD

Brand: Old Navy
Size: 3T (fit to 3Y-4Y toddler)
Code: PyjamaON02Price : RM28 SOLD
[Muslim is not advisable coz image printed is puppy]

Brand: Old Navy
Size: 4T (fit to 4Y-5Y toddler)
Code: PyjamaON03Price : RM28 SOLD

Brand: Old Navy
Size: 18-24m (fit to 2Y-3Y toddler)
Code: PyjamaON04Price : RM15 (Shirt ONLY) SOLD

[Model is wearing Old Navy Sleepwear PANTs size 18-24mos with POLO shirt size 2Y)

Enjoy shopping everyone!!!

psst: many more updates after this :)

love, Little Star Collections =)
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